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We deliver two multi-session training courses – Making Sense of It All (Foundation Course) – designed for new parent-carers who would benefit from a grounding in major SEND issues like diagnosis, benefits, EHCP, etc., and – Making Sense of Wellbeing - which covers issues like managing anxiety, relaxation and self-care, exercises to manage low moods, problem solving, building resilience and positive thinking.

What we do:

  • Making Sense of It All (Foundation Course) available via zoom or in-person sessions, offers an introduction to major SEND issues for parent carers.
  • Making Sense of Wellbeing available via zoom on Tuesday evenings, covering a range of wellbeing subjects, for parent carers.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Making Sense of It All Foundation Course

Has your child been recently identified as having additional needs? Do you find the systems and support for special educational needs confusing? Would you benefit from a broad overview of how it all works? This three-part course has been designed to provide an introduction on all the key issues parents/carers will encounter as your children grow and develop. It aims to empower parents of children...


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