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Come Trot to Camelot (Online)


What is the event?

Head2Head Sensory theatre have created a lockdown production of “Come Trot to Camelot” filmed at the home of two team members and at local woods. It is interactive and has Makaton signing. This production is normally performed at family activity events in school holidays over the country but these unfortunately have had to be cancelled due to the Corona Virus; so a video production has been created instead as well as other family activities.

On Twitter we have jokes, snippets of rehearsals with Makaton signing and captions: -

Here is a link to one of our Facebook videos: - As you may know, if you click 'Following' after you have viewed the video, you will automatically be linked to all our other videos.

On YouTube we are offering some other fun activities with craft and baking ideas that you can try out at home: -

This event is run by the following services:
  • Head2Head Theatre: Family Half-Day Activities
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