Access to Work - Supported Internship and Supported Apprenticeship application route


Young people on or about to start the work experience placement of a supported internship, or traineeship with a disability or health condition, can apply to the Department for Work and Pensions' Access to Work fund for:

  • funding of travel (providing assistance for additional travel costs to and from their work experience placement because of their disability);
  • the costs of job coaches;
  • and specialist equipment for days that a young person is at the employer's premises.

    What we do:

    • There is no set amount for an Access to Work grant, and how much an individual receives depends upon their circumstances. Completed applications should be sent to the dedicated Access to Work team at
    • The application process for those on supported internships and traineeships wishing to apply to Access to Work has now been revised. Changes include:
    • the provision for a supported employment provider to make an application on behalf of an education provider (education providers can still make the claim if they would like to do so);
    • •a move from one form per month, to one per placement for each student; and •the ability to make applications up to three months in advance.

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