Buttons & Bubbles


Buttons and Bubbles is an inclusive brand which aims to bring awareness, inclusion, representation and education for families who have a child with an illness or disability.

What we do:

  • We sell stickers, colouring books, snap cards, imagination workshops, etc., to families, schools and hospitals in order to achieve our aim of bringing true representation for children who have illness and disability in the UK.
  • Some of what we offer is available as a download (such as the ),colouring book some are sent via post such as the stickers and others such as the workshops are done virtually or in person.
  • Our director has worked in and around inclusion and disability for over a decade. They have an in-depth knowledge and a vast amount of experience across the board of illness and disability from Autism to Life Limiting conditions.
  • Our service is primarily aimed at children aged 0-12 years old and their families who have an illness and disability. However older children/young people who have global developmental delay may also benefit from our services and products.

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Age Range: 1–12

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07877 384 876

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