The Jungle Book - Relaxed Performance


What is the event?

This performance welcomes audience members with and without learning disabilities who would benefit from a more relaxed environment.

Once upon a time a little boy finds himself lost in the jungle, in hiding from the fearsome tiger Shere Khan. He finds shelter with a wolf pack who name him ‘Mowgli the Frog’ and raise him like one of their own cubs.

Baloo, the fun-seeking bear, and Bagheera, the serious panther, try to teach him the law of the jungle, but the more Mowgli the learns, the more confusing all these rules become.

He’s stolen by the Bandar-log monkeys, but his friends will always rescue him, even when Shere Khan tries to banish him from the jungle forever. Mowgli’s adventures are far from over…

This brand new stage adaptation by Sonali Bhattacharyya, written specially for Chichester Festival Youth Theatre, spins Rudyard Kipling’s beloved tale into exciting, pulsating life, with a huge cast of characters from Akela, the leader of the wolf pack to Ikki the spiky porcupine and Mao the strutting peacock.

A coming of age story about the desire for freedom that beats in the heart of every child.

For ages 7+.

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01243 781 312

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Chichester Festival Theatre,
Oaklands Park,
PO19 6AP