Building Resilience (for parents and carers) - VIRTUAL LEARNING EVENT


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Building Resilience for Parents

Resilience is the ability to handle change, stressful working environments and high demands without becoming overwhelmed, stressed or burnt out. Resilience, it could be argued, is the single most important skill parents need to help them cope well during these difficult times. It is also important to know how to help our children develop their resilience. During this session you’ll build up a collection of tools and skills that will help you, and your children, cope better with stress, anxiety, relationship issues with children, partners and others with whom you may share a home, social pressures, and difficult emotions like anger and fear. By finding better ways to cope with these, there’s less danger of them developing into more serious mental health problems. It means you, and your loved ones, have a better chance of staying well, whatever life throws at you.

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Virtual Learning Event,
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