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7 Steps to Social Competence


What is the event?

The delays or deficits in social competency are one of the primary reasons for a diagnosis of autism. They also represent an on-going challenge for any pupil navigating the social world This workshop will address key aspects to developing social skills for children with autism. It will; review and define social competencies, provide assessment and evaluation tools for social skills, show how to set ‘SMART’ targets, and then monitor progress. It will then teach effective principles and strategies on how to teach these critical skills-both in 1:1 and group contexts.

The workshop will provide a framework, lesson plans and tools for effective educational practice in home, school and the wider community. By the end of the workshop, participants will be better able to complete the 7 steps to social competence. They will have had completed assessments, evaluated teaching, taken data, written targets, practiced skill building and be ready to develop their student’s social competence!

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Key words and concepts: social skills, social competency, teaching interactions, play-dates, assessments, curriculums and interventions.

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  • ABA Services - The TLC
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